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Circle and Spot lamps

My first career was as a cake designer, making wild extravaganzas as well as classic wedding cakes. and very large cakes for corporate events. After hundreds of cakes I yearned for a new – and more enduring – material. A degree in ceramics at Brighton University gave me the skills and confidence to change course.

Strangely, after years of fingers stained with food colours, my work has almost exclusively been without colour. Instead I try to give life to objects through light. My lamps and tea lights are made from bone china slip and porcelain which, when fired to high temperatures, become translucent.

I’m influenced by the textures and patterns found in nature, as seen in my ‘sandcast’ lamps.
I also love the tactile pleasure of using my fingers in the wet clay – like finger painting.

I take commissions for individual pieces or series.

I live and work in Lewes, East Sussex, UK.

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