May 2014

Archived: Linda Calvert

Sandcast bone china lamps.

Archived: Mary Evans

Draws dreamy pen & ink scenes.

Archived: Sally Evans

Creates intriguing box constructions and quirky ceramic creatures.

Archived: Jane Dwight

Chinese brush painting and batiks.

Angela Evans

Ceramic tiles handmade in her shed at the end of the garden.

Archived: Bernard Miquel-Miramont

Acrylic paintings and ink drawings.

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RT @keithbarrow80: German government: we'll give you unlimited regional public transport for €9 a month for three months. Irish governmen…3 hours
RT @caitlinmoran: By Jan, multiple 1000s of people will owe up to £10k in energy bills they just can't/won't pay. There has never been anyt…6 days
RT @GeorgeMonbiot: It's not a cost of living crisis so much as a rip-off crisis. People are being ripped off by energy companies, ripped of…6 days
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